Successful business school is treated like a business

I started my position as the dean of the James M. Hull College of Business at Augusta University in February 2017. The first time I met with our faculty, I told them that while we were indeed a business school, they should also think of us as a business. 

Although most institutions of higher education, particularly state institutions such as AU, are nonprofits, they have goals that are similar to those at for-profit businesses. For instance, the taxpayers and legislators of the state of Georgia are equivalent to the investors of for-profit firms for University System of Georgia institutions such as AU. 

Dr. Richard Franza, dean of Augusta University's Hull College of Business.

As such, the taxpayers and legislature expect these institutions to provide a good return on investment for the funds provided to them. As I have spent almost 20 years in USG institutions, with more than 16 of those years as a business school administrator, I take that ROI obligation quite seriously.

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