QualiFi LLC Empowers Small Businesses with Financing Solutions, Celebrates $7.5 Million Success Story


WAYNE, Pa., May 29, 2024 /PRNewswire/ — At the heart of QualiFi LLC’s recent surge in business is a compelling and illustrative success story of a small bakery that flourished, all thanks to a significant $7.5 million credit line facilitated by the QualiFi team. Highlighting how important a funding milestone can be to a successful business that was overlooked by traditional lenders, QualiFi’s singular “Borrow Build Believe” approach continues to work – setting QualiFi’s recent fundings at more than $32 million in just the last 5 months.

More than 85% of businesses are turned down by banks and are unable to secure the funding they need to really accomplish their goals – QualiFi is here to change this,” said Eddie DeAngelis, CEO and founder of QualiFi. “With the commercial industry finally starting to see some regulations, but with fraud and deceit still on the rise, business owners need to be very careful. Always perform diligence when selecting companies to work with, especially when sharing sensitive financial information.”

We’re not just assisting businesses with troubled credit – we help launch legacies. Most of those we help are wildly successful companies producing millions in revenue. They have solid game plans, but unfortunately, they maxed-out their bank line and need a little extra help to execute their mission. Saving companies from further dilution in many cases has been a huge win for so many of our current clients – including this family-owned bakery.”

Facing rapid growth demands, the 25-year-old baking company found itself constrained by an existing line of credit that could no longer accommodate its expanding business needs. Big lenders deemed it “too risky.” QualiFi stepped in to provide an adjustable borrowing base with a quote just above Prime, enabling the company to keep up with soaring demand for its products.

Brian McAleer, our Senior Finance Manager, really delivered by closing this deal in just 45 days,” DeAngelis added. “This financing will not only support the bakery’s current operational needs but also empowers them to further expand their brand nationwide. These are exactly the types of clients who really need help, and they don’t have to settle for extremely high interest rates or lenders who constantly close the door when they need them most.”

“I got my entrepreneurial spirit selling perfume and cologne on a Philadelphia street corner, then pivoted and built the Olympic Embroidery & Screen Printing company 17 years prior to my first exit, which ultimately led to my home now in the business finance industry. I’ve bootstrapped several companies, so I understand firsthand exactly what it takes to build a business from the ground up.

Our Borrow Build Believe approach is simple yet powerful, catalyzing the potential of every entrepreneur we help. It’s about enabling business owners to position their future on a foundation of trust and support. If you have a unique situation, or are having trouble securing the capital you need – we can really help you. And most importantly, we believe in your vision too.”

Discover how to empower a business and provide the capital it needs by visiting QualiFi online; or connect via LinkedIn.

About QualiFi LLC – Borrow Build Believe

Launched in 2022, QualiFi offers fast cash to help SMBs of all types meet payroll, pay off a tax lien, gap late receivables, cover rapid growth with inventory and equipment purchases, partner buyouts, leverage opportunities, and/or cover other expenses. Specializing in deals that traditional banks underserve, turn away, or take too long to process, clients rely on QualiFi when the bank says no. Start a line of credit as a safety net today. Learn more at: www.GoQualiFi.com.

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QualiFi, LLCQualiFi, LLC

QualiFi, LLC

QualiFi secures and closes on a $7.5MM invoice finance credit facility for a national bakery wholesalerQualiFi secures and closes on a $7.5MM invoice finance credit facility for a national bakery wholesaler

QualiFi secures and closes on a $7.5MM invoice finance credit facility for a national bakery wholesaler



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