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Meet Brittney Weatherill, senior wealth advisor* at ATB Wealth in Kelowna, who brings a refreshing blend of expertise and genuine dedication to her new role. With over a decade of experience in the financial industry, Brittney isn’t just another financial planner—she’s a Certified Financial Planner (CFP) with a Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA) and a keen focus as a Responsible Investment Specialist (RIS).

Brittney’s career has been fuelled by her commitment to only achieving and exceeding client expectations. At ATB Wealth, she leverages her deep knowledge and experience to offer tailored investment solutions that resonate with client values and financial goals.

Brittney has been a fixture in the Okanagan region throughout her life, originally from Vernon and relocating to Kelowna in 2012. Her strong ties to the Okanagan are a cornerstone of her work. “The Okanagan is a fantastic place to grow up and now to work,” she shares enthusiastically. Brittney’s passion for finance was sparked at a young age, influenced by her family’s entrepreneurial background. “I began exploring career paths around the age of 14, and financial planning immediately caught my attention,” she explains. She followed this interest to Okanagan College, where she excelled in its highly regarded business program.

During college, Brittney was involved in Enactus, a student-run organization that implements social entrepreneurship projects. Her participation ranged from improving local food security to fostering entrepreneurship among youth. One memorable project was partnering with Campbell’s Soup Company to support the local food bank, which she describes as particularly rewarding. “Working directly with the community to address such essential needs was incredibly fulfilling,” Brittney notes.

Before joining ATB Wealth, Brittney built a robust career in financial services within the region, managing high-net-worth client portfolios and developing tailored financial plans that align well with individual goals and values. Her approach to financial planning is deeply relational; she believes in building lasting connections with her clients. “Understanding a client’s life and goals is crucial. It’s not just about numbers; it’s about helping people craft the lives they dream of through informed financial strategies,” she says.

Brittney’s investment philosophy is to align financial growth with personal values, ensuring her clients achieve robust returns without compromising what is most important to them. “Each client situation is unique, which means every financial plan and investment strategy must be custom-tailored,” she emphasizes. Through detailed planning and a deep understanding of her clients’ aspirations, Brittney crafts strategies that aim for financial growth and reflect each client’s personal and ethical values.

Brittney is dedicated to helping you navigate your financial landscape, whether you’re planning for retirement, managing wealth, or looking to optimize your current financial strategy amid changing market conditions. Her commitment is to provide guidance that is both prudent and personalized, ensuring that her clients are well-prepared to meet their financial objectives.

If you’re seeking personalized financial planning or investment advice in the Okanagan, Brittney Weatherill is an outstanding resource. Reach out to her at 250-878-8768 or visit her webpage for more information or to book a consultation. Discover how Brittney’s forward-thinking approach and client-first philosophy can support your personal financial goals with confidence and care.

*Senior Financial Advisor (Mutual Funds), ATB Securities Inc.

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