How finance pros are rebranding career expectations


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Finance and accounting, as lifelong, fulfilling careers, have a marketing problem. Contrary to what is taught in accounting programs across the country, the final stages of a career in finance and accounting aren’t only a life sentence on a partner track at a public accounting firm. Instead, the options that younger generations crave — entrepreneurship, impactful leadership, social media following and overall success — are all accessible in finance and accounting in a variety of interesting ways.

Whether it’s turning a business idea with friends into a near- billion-dollar venture, or taking your family business to the next level using social media, or creating a company that provides an innovative solution for obtaining certification credits, the doors of possibility are unlimited.

Pursuing entrepreneurship and a CFO seat

There are plenty of great potential business ideas that, for a variety of reasons, never come to fruition. However, Jeffrey Klimkowski, CFO and co-founder of DUDE Products, the brand that sells DUDE Wipes, left his high-paying dream job as an investment banker to build a business with his friends. Now as a CFO, he says the decision-making processes he gets to be a part of when it comes to business marketing spend are some of the best parts of his job.

Jeffrey Klimkowski DUDE Wipes

Jeffrey Klimkowski

Permission granted by DUDE Products


“When it comes to marketing spend, which we do a lot of, my approach has changed over time,” Klimkowski said. “And over the last nearly 14 years we’ve been around, it’s been really fun to be involved in that part of the process.

“When we first started, we were digitally native dudes,” he said. “We were all in the pay-per-click, retail media, big-box store website model. But as the pandemic hit, our demand skyrocketed, and we developed a motto here that ‘scared money don’t make money.’”

Klimkowski said the company has always had fun wordplay in their successful marketing campaigns. But as the business grew and demands changed, it opened up the opportunity to have more fun trying to grow the brand further.

“The claim ‘pants down, wet cleans better than dry’ is a message that we know resonates with our consumer and drives trial and traffic,” he said. “But, and this is a part of the job I enjoy, because of our rising demand and push to take risks, we’ve been able to do some pretty cool stuff.”

Creativity allowed the company to develop opportunities that were still in budget. For example, “we had a UFC and WWE takeover, which made us trend worldwide on Twitter, Klimkowski said. “So we then had data to indicate that this marketing spend was working. This is sort of the boring part of it, but as a CFO, it was exciting because we had a good budget and plan, and when you set up processes in place where you can take action and allocate capital to risks that work, it can be really fun and rewarding to put together.”

A finance and accounting influencer

Jasmine DiLucci, the principal of the DiLucci CPA Firm, has taken an unusual approach to growing her family business. DiLucci, who has now taken control of the firm from her father, has turned to social media for growth, primarily Instagram and YouTube. In a righteous fashion, DiLucci drops knowledge on bogus claims made by other influencers and answers questions that, according to her, were frequently asked by clients she was turning away.

Jasmine DiLucci

Jasmine DiLucci

Permission granted by Jasmine DiLucci


“The funny thing is, this [social media development] wasn’t intended as a marketing endeavor for my business,” DiLucci said. “Before this all started, I found myself turning down a lot of businesses because our fees didn’t make sense for a small case, but I still wanted to help them. But with those people, I felt like I was repeating myself, answering the same questions, and that’s what initially started the idea to create social media as I did in the first place. It was to help the clients I couldn’t help in the firm.”

As for benefits to the business, it’s been like “night and day,” she said. Currently, DiLucci boasts nearly 110,000 subscribers on YouTube and 150,000 on Instagram. This following, she said, has completely changed the value and growth trajectory of her business.


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